Chinese Time Clock – evening hours + bed time!

According to Classical Chinese Medicine, there is an optimal time for each of the organs and meridians in our body to do each of their respective functions, and then, an important time to rest and recuperate from this activity.  We’ve covered what an ideal morning and afternoon looks like.  Hopefully you’ve been able to make a change or two to get into synch with the Chinese Time Clock!

Now we’re on to the evening hours…where many of us in modern life seem to stray from what nature might have intended and what our bodies, minds and spirits might be craving in order to come back into balance again.

Kidneys from 5-7pm.  The Kidneys house the Zhr or Will which relates strongly to our notion of Will Power.  This evening time is a good time to focus on our strengths and abilities, to set goals and reaffirm our priorities in life.  This is also a time related to fears so it’s better to avoid things that provoke fear during this time of day.  If you need a little boost in the Kidneys, they love seeds, especially sesame (think tahini!) and salty foods like a miso soup now would be beneficial.

Pericardium from 7-9pm is the Heart Protector.  It’s like the guardian to our Hearts.  Good time for emotional and romantic relationships and connection.  Some say this is an ideal time for reproduction although there are other factors in play here as well.  Great time to love ourselves enough to get ready for ultimate daily rest or bedtime!

Triple Heater from 9-11pm is all about BALANCE.  San Jiao or Triple Heater is the regulator of the balance between fire and water in our body and helps stabilize our temperature and the fluid system in our body.  Taxation during this time of night can be particularly harmful and if possible, we should be well into our evening or bedtime ritual by now.

Liver from 11pm to 1am is critical rest time meaning SLEEP.  Staying up past the Liver time can leave us feeling anger, frustration, annoyance and overall emotional imbalance.  We need to be sleeping during this time for Liver to detoxify and regenerate itself.

Gall Bladder from 1-3am; we must be in SOUND SLEEP at this time.  The Gall Bladder helps us make decisions and know what our proper course in life will be.  Without adequate rest during this time our ability to make good choices will suffer.

This is the full Chinese Time Clock cycle.  It provides an optimal time for each critical life function and a time for resting as well.  Classical Chinese Wellness focus is on prevention and proper balance.  Using this Time Clock as a tool to help make choices about our day (and night!) is one way to get started living a more harmonized and even life now.

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