Acid vs Alkaline or Yin Yang of Foods

Food can harm and foods can heal.

Today, many common ailments are linked to too much acidity or yang energy in foods.  The most acidic, heat producing foods are sugar, coffee, processed and fried foods as well as animal products.  The most alkaline or cool producing healing foods are clean water, fresh organic green vegetables and sprouts.  Everything else is somewhere in between.

In order to obtain proper health and balance we need an assortment of foods but nearly all Americans consume too many unhealthy foods to expect positive health outcomes.

Learning more about what foods are acidic or acid forming which means they create inflammation in the body is the first step to reducing their harmful impact.  From there we can survey what foods are life affirming, alkaline and will encourage a natural healing process to take place.

Acidity and alkalinity is also known as pH.  A simple search online can help you start.


Dr. Leah Sasha Schwartz, D.Ac., L.Ac., M.S., NY State Licensed Acupuncturist.

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