Acupuncture + Insurance?

Everyday we get calls and emails to find out if we accept insurance.  While we do not participate in any insurance networks, we are OUT OF NETWORK with all companies.

This means, if you have OUT OF NETWORK benefits you may be eligible for reimbursement and or payment of your claims by your insurance policy.

There’s a few simple steps to find out the details:

  1.  Call your insurance company.  Be sure to have you ID card handy as well as the DOB for the primary insured if it’s not yourself.
  2. Ask, “Does my policy have out of network acupuncture benefits?”  If yes, is there any deductible on my policy?  Are there visit limits?  Diagnosis restrictions?  What is considered patient responsibility per the rules of my policy?
  3. Be sure to take notes on what the representative tells you.  Make a note of the time and date of your call as well as their ID number or call reference number.

Once we have all of this information we will know more about the coverage you have and can help you understand how it will work in the office and with billing.

Thank you for taking these steps as each policy is different and we are working to focus on quality patient care.  The relationship you have with your insurance company is one we encourage you to explore and navigate.  Why not make the best use of your benefits by calling your insurance company to see if you have coverage you can use?!

If you have any questions, we can refer you to our billing team or have Jessica help you with the details.  Her email address is

Thanks and Be Well.

Lifted Heart


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